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About Swiss Life Sciences Group

The Swiss Life Sciences Group was founded to capitalise on the flourishing and ever-evolving cannabis and cannabidiol (CBD) industry, which is currently the fastest-growing sector in Holistic Healthcare and wellness solutions.

The Swiss Life Sciences Group is a producer of premium organic CBD and phytocannabinoid medical products, with production, manufacturing and certification across the EU. Our strategy is to carefully build The Swiss Life Sciences Group through a series of strategic investments, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions into one of Europe’s largest seed-to-consumer, vertically integrated business models.

Since 2019 the group has been focused on diligent research and analysis-led decisions, leading to establishing production, processing and manufacturing in the world’s newest and largest single CBD market – Switzerland and the EU.

Our strategy, after building asset value, distribution and real business, is a two-stage listing in London. Firstly, listing on the dynamic Aquis exchange within the next 12 months, followed by a full London Stock Exchange listing within the next four years.

All Under One Roof

Our complete vertical integration ensures the highest quality control for all hemp CBD products: from farming and cultivation, through extraction and purification, product manufacturing and on-site laboratory testing, to bulk CBD distribution.

Harvest + Processing

Hemp plants rich in phytocannabinoid are grown both indoors and outdoors from SLSG’s unique genetic strains – producing the highest-grade consumer CBD products.

Farming + Cultivation

SLSG’s high CBD/low THC cultivation method stems from unique genetics and provides consumers with a high-quality competitive advantage over other market brands

Extraction + Purification

Audited ,scientific purification processes guarantee maximum control of THC levels in all SLSG products

Formulation + Development

Due to complete vertical integration, all product development is carried out in-house, ensuring SLSG’s scientific teams can create custom formulations

Turnkey Solutions

White-labelled products are formulated, tested, packaged, and shipped, ready to be sold directly to customers.


SLSG owns several retail brands across various sectors such as wellness, sports & recreation, smokables and medical CBD products.

The Current Situation

At the moment, there is no uniform licensing structure. For example, within the EU, producers need to adapt to local regulations; these even differ provincially in some countries.

Recently, however, CBD was categorised as a ‘Novel Food’ by the EU and the UK, bringing much-needed regulation to end-market products. We believe that up to 90% of products currently in the market will be unable to comply and meet the pharmaceutical-grade standards that this will entail.

In addition, many of the growers and manufacturers will not improve their existing supply chains to meet these regulations. They will simply fade away or be taken over (as is now happening in the Canadian and USA marketplace), leaving only the large-scale players in the market.

Fortunately, Switzerland has established a clearly defined legal system for the cultivation, processing and distribution of CBD and phytocannabinoid products. It has an admirably progressive vision and is also looking favourably towards future relaxation around recreational cannabis.

Swiss Life Sciences Group CBD Extraction Process

Our Solution

SLSG has the strategy, culture, structure and people to bridge this gap, both internationally and with pharmaceutical companies. With a FULLY AUDITED, VERIFIED AND CERTIFIED SUPPLY CHAIN, we are one of the only global companies able to fulfil this new regulatory criterion.

Along with our strategic partners, we have developed a proprietary blockchain supply chain management system that puts us at the forefront of the new regulatory framework – and, most importantly, ahead of multiple existing companies.

SLSG has designed and developed, from the ground up, pharmaceutical-specification, processing systems and product manufacturing, adhering with GMP and phytocannabinoid requirements.

Blockchain Technology

In an industry that has faced criticism throughout its emergence, SLSG offers customers transparent and trustworthy raw materials and products, guaranteed by our blockchain technology. This means you’ll be able to track your products from seed to supply through our convenient mobile app.

This app allows you to view official, certified documentation for the product you sell. For your reassurance, this information is added to the public blockchain to verify all the finished product aspects at each stage of production.

Swiss Life Sciences Group CBD Blockchain Technology

Quality Control

In June 2019, the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis revealed that over a third of CBD oils tested in a third-party lab was found to be mislabeled.

This mislabeling most often referred to the stated levels of cannabinoids (including CBD) and other significant ingredients – some of which would make the product technically illegal in the UK.

Unlike many other brands currently available in the UK market, SLSG CBD provides customers with all the information they need to make a confident decision on the products they consume:
“We are committed to meeting all regulatory requirements and establishing that all Swiss Life Sciences Group products receive extensive quality control and are guaranteed for efficacy and safety.”
We pride ourselves as being one of the only CBD companies in the world to successfully meet and fulfil all cross-country regulatory requirements. These standards include: consistent testing to ensure the absence of heavy metals, microbiological species, insecticides, herbicides, pesticides and residual solvents. Testing also provides an accurate record of the exact levels of cannabinoids in each product.

Our vision is to become a globally trusted brand supplier of organic CBD healthcare products, with production, manufacturing and certification across the EU. Our strategy is to carefully build SLSG into one of Europe’s largest seed-to-consumer, vertically integrated business models.