Swiss Life Sciences Group has emerged as one of the largest seed-to-consumer, vertically integrated CBD manufacturers in the European market. Our company aims to provide a transparent and trustworthy network of brands to give consumers peace of mind, in an often unprincipled market.


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Our company has also developed and invested in several other brands and businesses covering wellness, medical, healthcare and industry news and marketing. We are proud to support them:

RAW Swiss

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Blockchain Technology

In an industry that has faced criticism throughout its emergence, SLSG offers customers transparent and trustworthy raw materials and products, guaranteed by its blockchain technology. Customers like you will be able to track their products from seed to supply through our convenient mobile app.


This app will allow you to view official, certified documentation for your product. At each stage of production, this information is added to the public blockchain to verify all aspects of the finished product.


Quality Control

In June 2019, the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis revealed that over a third of CBD oils, tested in a third-party lab, was found to be mislabelled. This mislabeling most often referred to stated levels of cannabinoids (including CBD) and other significant ingredients – some of which would make the product technically illegal in the UK.

Unlike many other brands currently available in the UK market, SLSG CBD provides customers with all the information they need to make a confident decision on the products they consume.

“We are committed to meeting all regulatory requirements and establishing that all Swiss Life Sciences Group products receive extensive quality control and are guaranteed for efficacy and safety.”

SLSG prides itself as being one of the only CBD companies in the world to successfully meet and fulfil all cross-country regulatory requirements.