Swiss Life Sciences Group Plc is a cannabis-sector private equity company based in London. It has been researching and identifying strategic investments in the fast-growing medical cannabis and phytocannabinoid industry since 2019 and is now focused on developing strategic acquisitions and investments in Switzerland.



With its clear legal policies and world-leading research and development into the pharmaceutical and medical applications of cannabis, as well as excellent infrastructure and logistics to reach the entire continent and the rest of the world with ease, Switzerland has quickly become the centre of the European continent’s phytocannabinoid and CBD industry. Additionally, the country has now started developing a clear regulatory framework for the introduction of recreational cannabis for public use, paving the way for further legalisation of this aspect of the industry and potential exponential domestic-market growth.

Swiss Life Sciences Group Plc has just announced the acquisition of SAVIM SA, in Lugano. Established in 2016, SAVIM is currently developing a state-of-the-art, controlled-environment indoor growing facility in the heart of Ticino. Housed inside a 17,000m2 building, which is part of the Tarchini Group, this new site is unlike any other cannabis facility in Europe, thanks to its use of the very latest technology. The entire process, from cannabis genes all the way to the end products in the growing cycle, is managed by a proprietary blockchain technology. Each stage of the plant’s life cycle is recorded and managed with no human intervention, other than the artisan expertise of our grower technicians, who oversee and handle the delivery of premium-quality cannabis flowers.

Regarding the acquisition, Jean-Pierre Engele, COO of Savim SA, says “Having SLSG as overseer and a “guiding light” will allow us to design and  establish what we believe will become a flagship facility for the future of the CBD and Cannabinoids’ industry. We firmly believe that being able to control – and demonstrate with full transparency, strong trusted partnerships – our husbandry, from plant genetics to end products with  strong ethical and compliance led drivers , is key to developing a future-proof, fully controlled and regulated industry, with the end consumers benefits in mind. By an example our values of transparency will even allow our consumers to use a small QR code on all our packaging, both raw materials as well as finished wellness and medicinal products, to see the care integrated into the entire growth and production cycle of this amazing natural plant and exactly what products have been used or added at the final delivery to they are consuming. We believe we can guarantee the purest and most consistent beneficial products in the industry today.”

The indoor controlled-environment facility manages the growing conditions of each and every plant using patented electronic sensor tags on each one, from the moment it is planted in the gene nursery all the way through to harvest and end-product packaging. This allows near-field sensors, first developed by NASA, to monitor and manage the whole environment, to ensure that every plant gets the optimum amount of water, nutrients, light, temperature, and even a replicated soft alpine breeze, 24/7 in continual year-round growing cycles. In addition, the movement and location of each plant throughout its life cycle is recorded on the blockchain.

The cost of the acquisition and investment into this facility has not been disclosed, but it is clearly a multimillion CHF commitment in the future of the Swiss cannabis industry and the European and UK markets’ export drive for the fast-growing and exciting phytocannabinoid industry, which is attracting attention from investors, celebrities, entrepreneurs and consumers alike, across the globe.


Swiss Life Sciences Group Plc is a London-based, cannabis-sector private equity company focused on investment, development and the acquisition of existing cannabis and CBD businesses across the value chain.

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