Swiss Life Sciences Group Plc is setting its sights on becoming one of the next-generation seed-to-consumer companies in the fast-growing medical cannabis and CBD wellness sectors. Having spent the past two years building up our management and scientific teams, and studying the early movers in this space, we have been able to strategically identify the real opportunities:


“We believe that the best investment we can make is bringing in the expertise of people who can study the industry and watch how the regulatory landscape evolves. We are committed to getting things 100% right, especially as we invested our own money to start our business. This approach has allowed us to carefully select the right companies to invest in and, where necessary, identify gaps in the market to create our own.”

(Jose Mungia, CEO of Swiss Life Sciences Group)

It is no surprise that our first major investment is in Switzerland. This has fast become the center of the EU CBD industry, with its well-developed domestic market and regulatory framework. SLSG has invested in the canton of Ticino to develop a GMP-certified CBD extraction and manufacturing facility, alongside indoor and outdoor hemp cultivation for CBD and pharmaceutical products.

Parallel to this is our medical research and development division, which is currently working with strategic partners to deliver a range of patented medical products to market.

“It is important to us and, in fact, a business priority in today’s global cannabinoid markets, that we are in a position to create our products from the ground up, at every level of the supply chain. This is the only way to guarantee the source and quality of products to pharmaceutical companies, wellness brands and consumers in our industry. Our first investment had to be multi-level for this reason. We are utilizing blockchain to validate our supply chain and show full transparency and certifications each step of the way. This is something that very few companies can do. We believe consumers and regulators are starting to demand transparency, and this is the future. Our investment in Switzerland represents the start of our investment and development program, with further acquisitions already in process.”  

(Jose Mungia, CEO of Swiss Life Sciences Group)

Swiss Life Sciences Group Plc has presently secured €6 million to facilitate its initial investments into the CBD and cannabis sector, and we are planning a future expansion on the back of our successful business operations, as well as the acquisition or investment into other strategic companies in the supply chain.